Warning Signals to look out for when Moving

artikel-a_pic2There are certain things to watch out for when you are looking for furniture removal companies in Pretoria. Make sure to do some research on the company you have chosen.

Here is a list of red flags to seriously consider before deciding on a moving company.

Warning Alerts:

  • The company is a moving broker and not a genuine mover.
  • They refer to themselves as ‘movers’ or ‘moving company’ instead of using a company name.
  • Refusal of an in-house inspection for a credible quote. Technically they are forced by law to do so if you are located within 100 miles of the company.
  • Also enforced by law is written quotes provided by the broker.
  • You are asked to sign unfinished or blank documents.
  • They want a hefty amount of money in advance. A small deposit from $100 to $200 is common in the city.
  • If they ask for a bigger deposit after agreeing on a certain amount.
  • A sudden increase in the price of your move.
  • The company doesn’t have a DOT (Department of Transportation) or MC (Motor Carrier) license.
  • It is a new company. Make sure that their DOT or MC license is more than 3 years old and has not expired.
  • The DOT number is not presented on their website as prescribed by law.
  • The company has a record of severe complaints. Remember to filter the reviews on ‘Yelp’. Also, check comments on ProtectYourMove.gov and message boards on MovingScam.com.
  • A bad record at the Better Business Bureau. Also, evaluate the amount of complaints to their total number of moves done.
  • They can’t legally ship household equipment. You pack/we drive services can be authorized for shipment.
  • No physical address. Make sure that the address listed isn’t a mailbox. They should have a warehouse to store items in transit.
  • You were not given the booklet of your rights and responsibilities, also obligated by law.
  • The company has less than 3 trucks when moving over 300 miles or across states.
  • Do not offer full value replacement estimation.
  • They arrive in a rental truck instead of a company marked vehicle. Do not trust them when they say it is because of a busy season.
  • Price changes on moving day. Do not sign any new documents regarding price changes.
  • Another company arrives on moving day. If the moving company you hired didn’t confirm with you that they won’t complete the move, send them on their way.

IMPORTANT: Once your belongings are in the truck, you rest all your faith on the moving company. Do your research beforehand!

I recommend hiring a professional, reliable moving company like Active Transport for a hassle-free move.artikel-4_pic1

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